Websites, SEO & social media

Websites, SEO and social media

Noble Ink brings all its experience in marketing and copywriting to produce websites which will get you noticed in the right places, and then will work to keep you top of organic listings.

  • Planning: sometimes it takes an external view to work out exactly what you need to say on your website. We will talk through your audiences, messages and outcomes for your website and come up with the best way to plan your site so it really works for you. We keep the visitor experience at the forefront of our planning, to make sure they will really want to read your website – and then be prompted to take the right action, whatever that may be.
  • Copywriting: we use our clear, uncluttered style to create website copy which really communicates your messages. Our copy is concise, readable, informative and compelling, saying everything you need to say without going overboard.
  • Design: we can create simple websites for you on WordPress. Alternatively, we have developed links with reliable and experienced web designers who reflect our principles of cost-effective and practical solutions.
  • Site management: once your site is up and running, it’s important that it stays fresh and current. We can manage your site for you, using your chosen content management system, to ensure it reflects your business as you grow and change.
  • SEO: there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors going on out there. We believe in providing solid support for search engine optimisation, whether it’s through great copy or good tagging or imaginative new pages. But, most importantly, we ensure your website keeps up with the latest algorithm rules, in particular by keeping your site fresh and relevant.
  • Blogging: successful blogging requires intelligent planning of subject matter which makes sense as part of your marketing messages. It also needs a commitment to sustaining a stream of articles, and great writing skills to make blogs readable.  We can provide all of these.
  • Social media: Noble Ink prides itself on keeping abreast of the latest way to keep your brand in the minds of your target audiences. So whether it’s tweeting links to your latest blogs or creating posts on Facebook or Google+, we will bring our normal no-nonsense approach to this vital area of modern marketing.